computer repair new bern nc

Blue Screen Of Death

Is this happening to you? We can fix it, right now! We have fixed the Blue Screen error thousands of times. We have an arsenal of tools to find the problem that is causing the error and then repair it. Call us (252) 631-9111 for Emergency relief. Ask for Cap'n Kirk.

computer repair new bern nc

Computer Network Global Setup

We offer Computer Network setup and maintenance. Global networks and cloud based technologies can be established and configured for corporate clients and individuals. Security is spoken here.

Computer Virus Removal New Bern NC

Computer Virus Removal New Bern NC

We are experts at Virus/Malware, Spyware, & Trojan removal. These malicious threats can harm your computer and networks, compromising your security and your pocketbook. They must be removed immediately. We can do diagnose and help you quickly, saving you time and money. We work via remote access, onsite, or in-shop.

Serving New Bern Computer Users Since 1996

Fast Computer Repair Service

(252) 631-9111

New Bern Computer Repair offers emergency computer repair service.  If you see the blue screen error message, we can help. 

There are many possible causes of this error message, virus, damaged  or mismatched RAM, computer hardware problem, recent software changes, and more.  Whatever the cause, you need  desktop or laptop computer repair from New Bern Computer Repair.  

You can get this error message while starting your computer or while it’s running, but once  the “blue screen of death” pops up, you may have serious computer service problems. 

We can help, we have repaired this computer problem many times in the last 20 years, and we can help you too.  Since 1996 we have provided professional  computer service to our customers.  Call (252) 631-9111  Call for FAST, computer repair service.  Computer and Laptop service and  repair is what we do!

Computer Repair New Bern NC

Computer Repair New Bern NC  

Fast and Reliable Computer Repair Service

Computer Repair service that has been trusted for over 20 years is available to you.  Captain Kirk, can repair your computer or network problems.  There are not many computer repair problems that we have not experienced. Many times, what appears to be a serious problem just takes minor adjustments for your computer repair.

If there is a way to save you money, we will advise you at the time of inspection.  It depends on what we find when we examine your unit.  Most of the problems are obvious after we do some testing and examination.  Yes, it is true that technology changes and sometimes we will advise you to upgrade your equipment.  Give us a chance and we can diagnose your computer problem quickly.

Our knowledge of laptop and computer repair can save you time and money.  We know when your problem needs a minor repair or major, serious computer repair. New Bern Computer Repair has experience with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, 8.1, and Windows 10, as well as Quick Books, Microsoft Office, and more.  If you are considering computer repair or replacement, we’ll help you with an expert assessment and guidance.

New Bern Emergency Network and Computer Repair Service

Call us for emergency computer repair service

(252) 631-9111

New Bern Computer Repair

Virus Removal

New Bern Computer Repair specializes in virus removal.  If you get computer service as soon as you see popup ads, new and unfamiliar icons on your desktop, it can be fixed quickly and easily. Delaying needed computer service can cause serious damage to your computer or laptop needlessly, due to the virus themselves or damage to Computer System files, caused by the infestation. 

Most computer and laptop problems can be remedied quickly if caught soon.  When you first start to see signs of computer problems that is the time to call us for computer repair service.  Act quickly, call New Bern Computer Repair right away for virus removal.

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